Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Saudi Relegious Police being Kicked out of a Mall

The Saudi religious police "Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice" are seen being kicked out of a Saudi mall in Riyadh. The interesting part is that they are seen being kicked out by members of the "Regular" police force. Technically, religious police and regular police are two separate entities. Regular police reports to the ministry of Interior while the religious police reports to the committee. It is not clear who has the higher jurisdiction in case of conflicts, although this video shows that regular police does.

Another sweet part was the reaction of the crowd to this event. The happiness and cheerfulness of the people at the mall to the sight of the commission guys being kicked out should be a clear signal to decision makers in the kingdom about the true feelings of people towards the commission. And they should act on it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... where ever do u get these vids from??

I do have a few questions though? what mall was this in? which city? and what was the consequence of this action??

what i do not understand is-as you stated- who ranks higher? the policy? or the religious police? I'd tell you what I like to call them but perhaps I'll do that during one of our role playing chats!!
told u i'd find u..im not an "analyst" for nothing...heheheh

Hayaah said...
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Hayaah said...

O dear i had a computer error and that previous post did not get completely deleted = S

anyhoo... my comment below =/

Thats refreshing!!!

The black mob following was women chasing them out or what? That was a wee spooky to be honest = o

and yes... it'd be nice to know which mall was this? :)

thanx for sharing!!!

Pu├ža said...

very interesting reaction, it's a clue of what is really felt by people!!