Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ahmed Ahmed in Saudi (Jeddah)

Last night I attended a stand up comedy show in Jeddah, hosted by one of the brilliant Arab-American comedians of the "Axis of Evil", Ahmed Ahmed

So what is special about that??

Well, this is Saudi Arabia, WE DON'T HAVE STAND-UP COMEDY HERE. Along with Theater, Cinema and any other form of artistic public entertainment, so last night was a major breakthrough.

Standing up, in front of 800 "mixed" audience, performing an "uncensored" show, cracking jokes that spoke directly to our day-to-day issues of living in Saudi, It was great to be part of that experience.

The real achievement of the night in my opinion was the introduction of 5 "local" talents to the stand-up comedy world. 5 guys, 3 Saudis, one Irish-Sudanese and another British-Pakistani performed for the warm-up show.

And they were brilliant!!!

The crowd laughed at their jokes as much as they laughed to Ahmed Ahmed's. And I wish the night never came to an end.

Thank you Ahmed for coming over, we all hope to see you again. Thank you for making us share an honest laugh together.


His Sweetheart said...

He seems so enteratining!

Faisal F. said...

Compadre, this happened where and why wasn't I informed!!

Bird of Shadows said...

It took place at some middle-of-nowhere place next to Mersal Village, and you weren't informed because apprearently you don't have a Facebook Acct. :P

His Sweetheart said...

Faisal! Been years!! Where are you man!!