Saturday, February 16, 2008

Human Rights abuse not Limited to Saudi Arabia

This video documents a strip search and total abuse and violation of basic human rights in the U.S. to a WHITE UNITED STAES CITIZEN!!!!

I guess human rights abuse is not limited to Saudi Women only. Americans need to look at their own house first.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed going through your page, thou I have some issues with a few things i must say. I'd like to point out that the video is no longer available on ur web page. Any clue on how I could get to the link?
Thanks in advance.

Bird of Shadows said...

The Vedio was removed from youtube shortly after i posted it. I will try to find it on another website and come back to you. It was original part of a news cast on ABC

His Sweetheart said...

Abuse is epidemic. It's everywhere even in the moset cilivized nations.

Sorry, I didn't watch the video. I don't have the heart to wtach it :(

His Sweetheart said...

Oh, thanks for being a follower to my blog. It's my honor.

P.S. It really surprises me so see Saudi males who blog ;)