Monday, February 18, 2008

Saudi Hypocrisy for the World to See

The Story of banning red roses in Saudi Arabia on Valentine’s Day just wouldn't go away. And it illustrates the level of social hypocrisy and ideological divide within the Saudi culture. As the guy in the Video says, if there wasn't a high demand for Valentine’s Day roses and gifts, the Hay2a "Religious Police" would have not intervened. But the opposite is true, people wanted to celebrate, wanted to go out on dates, exchange gifts, and express their love, which propelled the Hay2a to intervene.

On the other hand, there are the others on the fence. Who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, who drink alcohol, have pre-marital sex, and pretty much enjoys their lives as much as any American or western person would. But they do it OUTSIDE" Saudi Arabia. For some reason, it feels less guilty when sins are committed in another country. And usually these people are the most stubborn and resistant individuals to moderation and liberation of social rules. Saudi represents to them the Utopia that the return to after they fulfill their desires somewhere else. And these people are the source of the tremendous power religious police has, not the religious fanatics.


Susie of Arabia said...

I enjoyed the video and agree with everything. My feeling is that religion should be from the heart and having religious police making sure that I am doing things their way just ruins that feeling for me. If you need religious police to ensure the believers are following the right ways, it is such a turn off for me, especially in the manner in which they do it.
I enjoyed all your posts - more coming soon?

Bird of Shadows said...

Thanks Susie for stopping by my blog. I never realized that blogging would require such a tremendous amount of time. I will try to be more active soon :)

His Sweetheart said...

Well, I don't find celebrating Valentine a biggy at all!! I know we muslims have two Eids only but don't we celebrate other occasions.

They banned red roses, banned dogs and cats saying it's a way of alluring women!!.

Then what for God's sake!!?